Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Urgent Care or Urgent Careless?

We have an Urgent Care in the same building at Goofmart Grocery. We know their scripts because they are always printed on the same green paper. We also know who the prescriber is based on whether there are two scripts on the paper or three.

If there are two, it is Prescriber 1. Prescriber 1 gives everyone Augment 875 quantity 20 BID plus Prednisone 20mg quantity 5, 1 QAM.

If it has three scripts, it is Prescriber 2. Prescriber 2 gives everyone Amoxicillin 500mg quantity 30 TID, Flonase, and Phenergan with Codeine syrup.

It's amazing how in this neighborhood, everyone that goes to the Urgent Care all have the same condition when they see Prescriber 1, whereas the others that see Prescriber 2 on a different day all have a different condition requiring the other set of exact medications. What an amazing coincidence... or perhaps a little scary? Is it Urgent Care, Urgent Careless, or Urgent Scare?


Anonymous said...

At least they send you business, when the proper prescription for all should have been: go home and take a couple of ibuprofen.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why antibiotic resistance has become a crisis here and abroad. I'd like to bitch slap both prescribers and have whatever sham licenses they have immediately revoked.

Anonymous said...

The one my family uses very adamantly will not prescribe antibiotics unless you have a positive strep test, mrsa, or pneumonia.So I continue to use them because I feel they do what is indicated rather than what a patient"wants".

Anonymous said...

Drives me insane when people that clearly have the common cold show up with Rx's for zpaks.

The worst is when they brag about how they forced the provider to do what they want.

Sad when providers are more willing to practice 'defensive medicine' instead of quality patient care to avoid complaints and lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

What ever would those two do if they had a patient that was allergic to PCN (& sulfa)?

Anonymous said...

They'd write the same scripts and make the pharmacist spend 30 minutes on the phone with the clinic to get them changed, of course! :-)