Monday, February 1, 2016

Apparently they weren't for me after all

December 23, morning...

One of our regulars brings in a big tray of individually wrapped Christmas yummies. She tells me about how each of them are delicious and how the other technicians, Mickey, and myself will enjoy them.

I set them on the counter for all to enjoy, but it is a busy day and no one has time to get into it.

Mickey shows up for the afternoon/evening shift. I finish up some scripts and take off.

December 24, morning... I enter the pharmacy, alone. I'm going solo today because I was stupid enough to let the one technician working that day tell me how Dec 24 is historically slow and that I'll be fine working alone.

All hell breaks loose. I deal with the carnage as best I can because I know when things slow down I'll have a treat to enjoy.

Finally, late in the day... I get a chance to actually eat. I go to the back counter. It's gone. Nothing. Nada. Gone, like Ralphie's turkey in A Christmas Story. All gone!

Mickey took it.

And now that I think about it, this has happened before.

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