Monday, February 15, 2016

MORE Questions People have Asked Me

Apparently when you become a pharmacist, suddenly you know everything about anything, medical or not. We're the next best thing to Google.

Here are MORE of the many oddball questions I've received over the years:

* Will you stay open until 11pm tonight so I can stop by and get my medication after my date? [We close at 9pm]

* Can't you just look it up on the computer? [For personal information only they should know]

* Hey, where can I go to get paintball equipment?

* How much is this medication at Wagmart?

* Can I have some birth control because it's free now?

* You guys do calculations and stuff, right? How about you show us how to do this Algebra question? [His son pulls out a textbook]

* You can fill this Percocet prescription for 10 more tablets than it's written for, right?

* How much will it cost for me to mail this to Guam? [Holding a package in arms]

* Why can't you just reach into that big bottle of Zolpidem you have over there and give me a couple?

* Why haven't you heard back from my doctor?

* Why do I have a deductible?

* Which car insurance is the cheapest? [Maybe because I look like the Caveman from Geico]

* Will you tweet me when my prescription is ready?

* What's your personal address?

* [His phone rings, tries to hand me phone] Will you tell them I'm not available?

* Why can't you fill this medication under my wife's name? She's the one with insurance.

* You're just kidding about not drinking alcohol with this Flagyl, right?

* Why do you want me to die? [Her response when I would not give fill her new Norco script ten days early]

* Does anyone like you? [Her response a day later when I would not give fill her new Norco script nine days early]

* Have you heard back from my doctor yet? [Less than three minutes after I said I would fax her doctor for a refill]

* Where's your Z-pack sign-up sheet? [I still have no idea what that was about]

* Is now a good time to talk about corporate's new policies on immunizations? [Asked by our clinical pharmacist from corporate who waited in line and saw me take three new prescriptions]

* You do care about helping people, don't you? [Asked by the same clinical pharmacist in an effort to try to persuade me to push immunizations]

And one of my favorites of all time...

* Is now a good time to get a flu shot? [Asked by a lady who waited in line 15 minutes and can clearly see we're in complete chaos on a Monday morning]


Anonymous said...

If I give you 20 bucks, can you fill it faster?

was1 said...

The tax printout you gave me is incomplete. Why didn't you show all the prescriptions I had filled at my other pharmacy?