Thursday, April 14, 2016

Upper Management's Response

New directives from The Authorities require:

1. Increase sales
2. Increase script count
3. Lower inventory levels
4. Complete MTM counseling 
5. Increase companion immunizations
6. Increase business-to-business immunizations
7. Have monthly brown bag events, diabetes lectures, or Zostavax seminars 

When we asked them how they expect us to do all this without an increase in pharmacist overlap or more technician hours, this was their response:


Anonymous said...

I like playing 'corporate buzzword bingo' on the inevitable corporate conference calls.

The best is when it is painfully obvious how hard they try to sound like the corporate overlords they so desperately want to become.

Q: So how exactly are we as pharmacists and technicians expected to get all these tasks done?
A: "We need to leverage our resources and find synergies." I kid you not, an exact quote from a DM that's been in their job for less than a year and out of school for maybe 4.

Q: Not sure what you mean by that, but do you mean do more with less? Because we're shortstaffed as it is.
A: "We need to be proactive and exploit market paradigms so that we can increase value." Again, an exact quote. Can't make this up. And what's with this 'we' bull$h!t that corporate drones seem to spout.

Anonymous said...

Classic boss mentality.

Douchbag boss: "Dude, my boss told me you need to get this done."

Rph: "But we need more help here, you've got to realize that, right?"

DBB: "Don't have enough tech hours and your store isn't busy enough for overlap"

Rph: "Seriously though, you're asking me to do more with less resources. Its just not gonna happen."

DBB: *mumbling*crapi'mgonnamissmyteetime "Umm, dude, we just have to work harder."

Rph: "tee time? really?"

DBB: "Listen, leadership knows what they're doing. Just get it done."

Seriously, I hate corporate.