Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Loss Prevention at the Goofmart

I show up for an afternoon shift at Goofmart Pharmacy. Mickey the pharmacy manager goes over the various issues we have pending so that I will be on top of things when the patients start showing up. It's called OVERLAP, but The Authorities want us to use overlap time for flu shot clinics and CMRs and other stuff instead of discussing pharmacy issues... but that's none of my business.

Anyway, Mickey tells me about the excitement that happened that morning. A street bum was in the store filling a grocery cart with a large amount of groceries. We get bums, but apparently this guy was unusual because he was dressed in a burlap sack or something. That's what Mickey said, anyway.

According to Mickey, a sub commander was watching him and then the guy was GONE, vanished into thin air, with a cart full of groceries. Good job, guys.

So later in the afternoon I see a bum in the store going back and forth through the grocery, filling a cart full of groceries. He matches the description of the bum I heard about. I get on the phone and call the service desk up front and tell them that I think the bum is back. And yeah, his outfit kinda looked like a burlap sack.

I see the bum push the cart in front of the pharmacy back and forth a couple of more times then I get busy taking care of pharmacy patrons.

About 30 minutes pass and a sub commander comes up to the pharmacy and starts asking me questions about the bum. I'm not Loss Prevention and I don't know why I'm being quizzed. I told the manager that I called the front desk a half hour ago.

"He got away," the manager says. "We're investigating it now."

Maybe 30 minutes ago might have been a better time to investigate... but that's none of my business.

The actual guy seen
a week later in same outfit.


Anonymous said...

I know this comment is off topic but I need to ask it anyway! If your customers/patients could do anything for you just to say thank you for all you do what would that be? What kind of treats are an appropriate thank you? So far, I called the store manager & asked for the DM's name/number! I purposely held back because I thought it was funny listening her stammer and stutter about what I could possibly need (I know I'm a terrible person)! After an appropriate amount of freak out time I said, "This is all a good thing but I don't want the ladies in the pharmacy to know I've inquired!" She was quite taken back that I was that pleased! I drive 20 minutes each way & pass another store in the chain (not WAG, Walmart, CVS) & still chose them (I've tried the other location and the manager was an ASS)! It's not easy for acute scripts when I'm sick & miserable and than have to spend 40 minutes in the car when there are several places I could go! The DM was on vacation and I won't hear from her until Monday but I plan to sing their praises! They seem to always be thanking me for being a great customer! I don't expect them to do anything but fill my scripts! If there's an insurance issue, that's my problem not theirs! No refills on a script, I handle it, it's not their problem (though I let them contact my doc but I do too)! They help me so much by telling me when coupon codes are available (sometimes looking them up for me), shipping scripts UPS if I can't get in (because it's faster than mail) & they've even dropped them off after surgery or a hospital stay! So I want to do something nice for them in addition to calling the DM! I need to do it on a Thursday or Friday because there's never a day all three are working but on a Thursday two are there and Friday the one that wasn't there on Thursday will be there on Friday & the same with Friday & than Saturday!! So, I ask, Crazy, for some ideas, please? Thanks in advance!

Crazy RxMan said...

Sounds like you have a nice pharmacy there. Tell them you want to bring them lunch some day and ask them what they like. I had a happy lady ask me and I merely said Mexican food is great. She said when to bring it, so I said on my long day.

The next long day she came in with several plates of Mexican food from the best place in town ~ plenty for me and the techs, and enough to take some home for later.

It was a good day and we felt very appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've wondered the same thing. My old pharmacy was awesome and I wanted to do something for them because they always went above and beyond... but my new one (forced on me by my insurance) sucks. No tacos for them!