Thursday, March 2, 2017

Recognizing Good Deeds

Awhile back I attended a "mandatory" meeting at the corporate office. This was one of those meetings where The Authorities waste an entire day telling us stuff they could have easily emailed or faxed or handled in a "mandatory" conference call. 

Since they've made everyone come to these meetings, they find things to use up the time allotted. One thing they do to fill up the day is recognize a few people and pat them on the back for a job well done. And I suppose that's a good thing, especially for the ego of the people getting the recognition.

"We'd like to recognize Dr. Mary Goodypharm, the staff pharmacist out in Ruraltown. A recent email from a customer writes how Dr. Goodypharm went out of her way to deliver a medication to a customer who couldn't come down to the pharmacy. This is exactly the kind of pharmacists we need at Goofmart Pharmacy. Let's all give Mary a round of applause."

The Authorities went on for a good 15-20 minutes highlighting the good deeds of various pharmacists in our state's Goofmart network. People applauded. We're all one big happy fleet.

And you know what, they are good deeds. They deserve recognition, for sure.

But it also occurred to me... for every story and good deed I heard that day... every instance and example of going "up and beyond" the normal call of the pharmacist... well, not to toot my own horn, but I've done all the same things myself at my pharmacy. None of my patients (to me, they're patients, not customers) sent in a thank you for my good deeds, and that's ok because I wasn't seeking recognition anyway. It's just part of my job.

The real point I'm getting at is that The Authorities must not be aware that we have all gone out of our way in one way or another for our patients. I'm not anyone special. I'm just your regular old boring pharmacist like most every other boring pharmacist out there. I've stuck my neck out for people, delivered medications to homes of elderly ladies who can't drive. I've driven all over town to pick up a medication at another Goofmart for someone in dire need. I've opened early. I've stayed late. I've called and fought with doctors and insurance in behalf of patients. I've personally saved lives, and sometimes without the patient even knowing it. And so has every other pharmacist and pharmacy technician.

We all need recognition as professionals, as part of a healthcare team, as the final and crucial step in the safety chain to protect and counsel patients. If you're a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, I know you've done a lot more than you've been asked to do.

We all deserve recognition. So let me say THANK YOU for all that you do, in secret, behind the scenes, or without any other recognition.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, it must be something they all learn up at 'middle manager' school.

Forcing salaried pharmacists to come in on one of their days off, uncompensated, for what is basically a day of corporate b.s. meetings.

And people wonder why I'm so tired when I get to work...

May I help who's next?

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the work that you do

Anonymous said...

I have an "I Don't Suck" file. I keep cards patients have sent or compliments they gave my clinic about my care. On Thankless days I sometimes pull one out and re-read it. And if they ever verbally compliment a colleague or staff member I suggest they drop a letter to the CEO because it is nice to be recognized.

Anonymous said...

The funniest 'award' I saw handed out was for a manager that had 'leveraged the optimal amount of resources to achieve amazing growth.'

Translation: They had somehow not gone over their tech hour budget while increasing script count.

Hidden fact: That particular pharmacy was in close proximity to TWO pharmacies that had shut down recently. Guess what, people that lose their regular pharmacy are going to go to the next closest one you corporate nitwit.

But that, for some reason, deserved a hastily photoshopped and cheaply printed 'certificate' in a plastic frame.

Whatever, may I help who's next?

tbunni said...

Just know that even though Goofmart will never figure it out (you didn't really expect them to, did you?), someone, somewhere, God/Goddess/karma/other people DO notice sometimes. And even if they never say anything you may inspire them to go out of their way for someone. Pay it forward. You will never see the fruit of all the good you do, but trust me, it IS there.

Thank you. For what you always do.