Saturday, June 10, 2017

An Open Letter to Doug Hirsch of @GoodRx

Mr. Hirsch,

You've changed your "Privacy Policy" on the GoodRx website again. Oh my, but you must be concerned about the game you're playing with people's private health information.

Up at the top you state that you're not selling personal medical data:

You're not selling the patient's private and personal medical data... right now.

But later in the same "Privacy Policy" you state:

Your misdirection in the privacy policy might fool some people, but not me. First you say you're not selling the patient's private personal medical data at present, THEN later in the same policy (after most readers have stopped reading) that personal medical data "may be transferred" (i.e. SOLD) as part of a sale or future acquisition. When the right buyer comes along, BOOM, all private personal medical data becomes their asset to do whatever they want with it.

You tell people you're not selling private and personal medical information but then you say that information will be part of the assets sold in the future. 

We're not idiots. That's the MAIN ASSET you want to sell. It's not ethical to tell people you're not selling their private and personal medical information when you're clearly collecting information just for that purpose! It's a cleverly-worded LIE!

QUIT WITH THE WORD GAMES. TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH! Data acquisition and the sale of it has been Facebook-inspired strategy from the beginning. Why don't you just admit it?

I am awaiting your reply.

~Crazy RxMan
(and all the other poor pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that endure putting up with the nightmare of GoodRx crap on a daily basis)

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getahobby said...

Thanks for exposing this crap. You'd think these tv consumer advocates would grab onto this

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