Tuesday, June 6, 2017

YOU People!

"Why don't YOU PEOPLE have a blood pressure checker? Doesn't ANYONE have a blood pressure checker in these places ANYMORE?!" said the man, early 70s, with an angry, angry, ANGRY look on his face.

The man, facing me, is literally six feet away from the blood pressure "checker" on aisle eight. Literally

"It's right behind you," I said, perhaps more gleefully than I usually do because of his attitude.

The man turns around, spits out something inaudible, and sits down to check his blood pressure.

In my mind, I'm thinking, "Why don't YOU PEOPLE bother to look? Doesn't ANYONE bother to look ANYMORE?!"


Unknown said...

You probably sell those things too, I'm betting.

Anonymous said...

"Turn around, sir, and you will find it right behind you. However, given your highly agitated state, I'd recommend you wait a few minutes before taking a reading as you wouldn't want a falsely elevated reading now would you?"