Saturday, June 3, 2017

Unsatisfactory Pharmacists!

Miss Loosey is back to ask about our drug tests. She wants to test her daughter for Marijuana use. She studies the box intently as I mouth the words "be right with you" to the line of people forming behind her.

"It doesn't say how far back in time this tests for. How long does Marijuana stay in the body? Do you know?" she asks.

I didn't know the exact answer to the question. I told her that it probably depends on usage, how long she's been using it, metabolism... I know a lot about medications, side effects, interactions... but I guess I'm just a worthless pharmacist for not knowing the exact answer to this question. I'm sure also that information is in the kit itself. But maybe Mickey knows.

"Hey Mickey, how far back in time does this test for THC usage?" I yell out to him. We're in our overlap hour.

"I don't know," he yells back. He's helping someone at the drop off window because the munching tech is, well, munching on something in the back... you know, low blood sugar and all.

"Mickey doesn't know either," I say. "I'm sure that information is in the box."

Miss Loosey isn't satisfied.

"Well I don't even know why I come here! You two don't know anything."

She trots off, in a huff. Obviously my inability to give her an exact answer was dissatisfactory. I guess I'll go ahead and change the sign back to a zero again:

Later I found this online: 

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