Monday, June 12, 2017

e-Script Fun

First we get this e-Script pop up on the computer:

Fluoxetine 40mg, #30
Sig: 1 PO QAM

Then we get this e-Script seconds later FOR THE SAME PATIENT:

Fluoxetine 20mg, #30
Sig: 1 PO QHS to be taken with 40mg for a total of 60mg

For those of you who don't know the secret physician/pharmacist language, let me translate for you. The first Rx says to take one by mouth in the morning. The second Rx says to take one by mouth at bedtime with the first medication.

Sure, it's a simple mistake and easily straightened out once you talk to someone in the physician office. That's the hard part. In most cases it's easier to get Vladimir Putin on the phone rather than the prescriber of a medication.

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