Saturday, June 24, 2017

GoodRx + A Jerk = Everyone Loses

This situation we're all facing with @GoodRx is getting worse, and worse, and worse.

Yesterday was a damn busy day. I'm trying to fill scripts and I have one tech at the register and another tech at the drop off window. The guy at the drop off wants to fill his prescription on GoodRx because he's convinced he's going to save 80% on the prescription. He takes at least three minutes to pull up the info on his cellphone app while people are in line behind him... then hands it to the tech.


The tech enters the GoodRx info on the computer after inoculating himself with the guy's cellphone germs. This is a tedious process because if you're one digit off it doesn't work. To process a prescription claim, four things are required: BIN, PCN, Group, and ID. For those of you not in pharmacy, those four items aren't really important to you as a patient but on our end it routes the information electronically to the right place and kicks back a co-pay.

The tech tells the guy the co-pay, which isn't what he was expecting. After checking everything out it becomes clear that the patient entered the WRONG QUANTITY on his GoodRx app and thus it returned a different price.

Another five minutes of fiddling (we're now 12 minutes into just entering the information on this ONE prescription and the line behind Mr. Savings is now four deep) the amazing price which is a whole $2 less than our own company discount pops up...

In all seriousness, the guy says to my tech, "So, about five minutes?"

Really. He said that.

"No, we're a little behind right now. There were some dropoffs before you. We're at about a 45 minute wait right now."

"I'll just go somewhere else!" he spits out, grabbing the prescription and storming off. Mind you, he's just wasted 15 minutes of precious pharmacy time FOR NOTHING but an amazing $2 savings and he can't wait for his prescription.

And people at the pharmacy and on Twitter and Facebook really wonder why pharmacists and technicians HATE GoodRx with a passion? They really wonder?

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