Thursday, August 9, 2018

I'm So Glad

I'm glad you hide your PIN as you type it in every time you use your debit card. Good for you.

But you know, I'm a pharmacist with a really good salary. I'm not going to risk my pharmacy license by stealing your debit card from you and having a whale of a time on the mega cash amount of $134 you have in your account.

I'm glad you take the time to keep tapping the signature capture device waiting for your signature to disappear. Good for you.

But you know, I have to hit a button first and no one is going to rush up to the counter and copy down your 8-bit Minecraft signature.

I'm glad you want to transfer all your prescriptions to our pharmacy for a gift card. Good for you.

But you know, you're on Medicare. We can't give you the gift card. Sorry.

I'm glad you pull the bottles out of the bag and check to see if your medication is labeled correctly. Good for you.

But didn't you notice I just checked them as I put them in the bag?

I'm glad you think it's funny to say "Can I get a little service down here?" every time you come in. Good for you.

But... it's not funny anymore. It wasn't funny after the 2nd time or the 57th time you said it.

I'm glad you feel so comfortable to just stand there and stare at me every time you drop off a new prescription, expecting me to just reach under the counter and hand you a labeled bottle of your medication. Good for you.

But... there's really more to it than that, and... I have about three people of ahead of you. Asking you to go wait in the waiting room every time you come in is annoying.

I'm glad you told me that pharmacy joke. Ha ha ha. Good for you.

And of course I've never heard it before.


Anonymous said...

Sodium joke sort of. Had a pharmacology professor (English or Aussie) who would always say aluminium. The class would correct him and say it's aluminum. His retort: we don't call salt sodum

was1 said...

can I get a little service? sure. I'll give you as little as anyone.

Anonymous said...

Errors that were checked by professionals I picked up today
-short a note at the bank
-went to get a replacement wedding certificate. One of our names has two spelling errors

It isn't that I don't trust you, it is that people make mistakes and two people checking means there are less likely to be mistakes. Same as I get someone to double check every vial I am about to inject in a patient.