Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Testicle Spectacle

Today a man described TO ME the woes of his getting testosterone injections.

He says one of his testicles shriveled up then completely disappeared over a six month time period. He described it like when The Great Gazoo (Fred Flintstone's alien friend) snaps his fingers to make something disappear. 

Now the imagery is difficult to erase from my mind. I'm not on testosterone injections, but now I lie awake at night worrying that The Great Gazoo will appear and snap his fingers... and well... they're gone.

I can guarantee that you don't have to listen to stories like this in your profession.


Anonymous said...

You're wrong there. Do ultrasound. Of testes. And other man parts. Wouldn't believe the stuff men say.

Kathy said...

No bet