Saturday, August 25, 2018

Time to Scare Up some Business

The other day I was on the other side of town and needed something. There wasn't a Goofmart Grocery close by (I'm such a loyal employee) so I had to visit a competitor, Flea Circus Drugs. They're our biggest competitor in the tri-county area, so it was also an opportunity to spy on the competition.

I walked by their pharmacy. I was quite surprised to see some signage that they have. One sign was at the register. One was on a standing sign near their drop off window. A third was just slapped on the wall:

Their corporate people, in their infinite wisdom, apparently can see the future. Apparently they see an epidemic coming this flu season? Naw, there's something else going on. This is about money. What better way to line their pockets than to cause panic among the pharmacy patrons with signage like this. Let's scare people into getting a flu shot now by pretending there is a pandemic.

I mentioned my observation to a friend. She didn't see it as any different than Walmart stocking shelves with Christmas items in September. But I see it differently. 

No one dies from buying a Christmas gift early, but there IS the potential for someone to get the flu shot early and it loses potency in that person's body by the time they're exposed to the current flu virus.

A rare possibility? Yeah. But possible.

Moreover, I really take issue with a company that's trying to instill fear in the public by using signage like this. That's really immoral. I wonder how long it will be before Goofmart Pharmacy sends out the same type of sign for us to use.

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