Saturday, August 18, 2018

"You should Be Fired!"

That's what she said to me.

She being a 30-something lady that's been getting ever increasing amounts of narcotics, prescribed by an MD in Snootyville who is being investigated by the DEA.

The tech and I had decided that with this lady, enough is enough. She was going to wait until 28 days past her last fill and that's how it's going to be.

Upon hearing this, the lady blew a fuse. Angry, she left, only to spend the next two hours calling the pharmacy to yell at me or the tech depending on who answered the phone. First she wanted the names of our supervisors. Then she wanted to speak to our supervisors. Then she wanted copies of our policy and procedures. I expected her to eventually ask the for home phone number for the president of Goofmart Grocery.

We didn't tell her we wouldn't fill her prescription. We only told her that we wouldn't fill it TODAY. According to my calculations of her history, she should be three weeks ahead on her medication anyway. Oh, I'm not stupid. I'm sure she's completely out. But I've really had it with physicians that prescribe inadequate supplies or tell the patient to take more if they need it. I'm tired of policing all of this. Tell your patient NO.

I don't think people who are truly in need of pain medication should be kept from it, but any good pharmacy tech or pharmacist will tell you that there's a big, big difference between legitimate pain patients and addicts. I'm tired of dealing with the addicts. Truly, I'm tired of it.
So we'll see what happens Monday. Maybe I'll be fired.

Naw, I couldn't get that lucky.

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