Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Favorite Comment of the Week

Man: "Is this Pseudofed drowsy or non-drowsy?"

Me: "All Pseudofed is non-drowsy."

Man: "Good, then I can take it at night!"

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JJ said...

Hate to be a fuddyduddy, but I have the opposite reaction to bendryl - it keeps me awake, heart palpatations, etc. Anyways I can't take it at night, it keeps me awake for hours, like I'm having a panic attack or a heart attack.
I tend to stay away from most night time sleep stuff, and I've been known to ask a pharmacist about what I can take just to make sure that I'm not laying awake at 3am.
(helpful hint if you have this odd reaction to benadryl, you might have the same reaction with local anesthestics as well, such as the dentist or doctor office procedures).
Its not an out right allergy, because bendryl is a derivative of something your body makes, more apt is idiosyncratic reaction...
and I'm' off my soap box