Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You Got Me!

Mr. Cream is in a BIG hurry. He's given me three prescriptions to fill and wants me to know that he needs them right away.

"I'm on my way to the airport... headed out of town. Sorry, no time to wait."

At Goofmart Pharmacy we believe people. That's what we do. So we go to work and fill Mr. Cream's prescriptions lickety-split. In a few minutes, he's back at the window to get his meds. And the tech and I are feeling pretty good about the whole thing. We've been able to get Mr. Cream's medications ready in no time at all and he can get to the airport and on his way to his very important business meeting.

Mr. Cream wants to pay for a few things. I tell him sure. It will save him some time not having to go through the check-out at the front of the store again. I start pulling stuff out of the mini basket and ringing them up.

Then I saw it. A half-gallon of rocky road ice cream. Not a little single or double scoop pack. No, this is a huge HALF GALLON of ice cream, enough for several family members or one very hungry ice cream eater.

I hold it in my hand, look at Mr. Cream, and the words came out of my mouth before I could stop myself:

"Didn't you say you were on your way to the airport right now?"

Mr. Cream looks at me, then at the ice cream. Busted.

He laughs, nervously... "Uh, yuk yuk, you got me!"
And people wonder why pharmacists become a miserable bunch...


TechTard said...

Woman at the counter wants to pick up her THIRD free "emergency " fill. True, her mental illness is apparent, and the duct tape wrapped around each armpit and shoulder -exposed by her filthy sleeveless top-accentuates this tragic fact. True, she will call corporate after she has ranted long and loud because she "can't understand " HOW she can POSSIBLY run out of free handouts of medication.... I am trying to explain as nicely as I can (without getting fired) that the pharmacist is on the telephone with her Doctors office and could she please wait until he has gotten her full prescription order. The line behind her was now 6 deep. She does not wish to wait for that and just wants the 10 MORE."FREE " unverified, unreciepted, tablets that the other bitch tech told her were done. In order to get the ranting turd out of her face.

TechTard said...

Just to clarify : NOT a psych med. Doctors office contacted 5 TIMES by fax and phone. Confirmed that she had been in for an appointment LAST week. Yet has received 2 handouts since that visit. Hmmmm. 6 merged profiles. And I was pulled aside and instructed to go kiss her. assnt, genuflect, and apologize for her... I mean... MY behavior. Before she calls corporate! WTF? How long can this crap continue?

DocVinny said...

If it were me ringing up his Rocky Road..

"Well, sir, seems your flight's been delayed. These will be ready to depart the gate in about 20 minutes. We'll call you back up to the pickup window when the pharmacist announces that your flight is boarding."

Anonymous said...

I guess Mr. Cream better settle in for an extra long wait the next few times he comes to the pharmacy!