Friday, June 28, 2013

Shut up Justin Bieber with Duck Tape

When I first saw this product, that's what I honestly thought it was for. I thought people would buy this to give to their insane daughters as a prank gift.

No, this is serious tape with the image of Justin Bieber. Why? Why? You have to ask why? Well let's read the advertisement from the seller:

Back in my day when an artist came out with a new tape it was something you could listen to and not do household repairs with. Cross promotional marketing has taken a bizarre and illogical twist with Duck Tape Justin Bieber Print, which features “four black and white images of the teen idol and incorporating hints of his favorite color — purple — the tape is sure to be a number one hit with “Beliebers” everywhere”. You hear that? It’s the sound of Bob Vila rolling his eyes right out of his socket.

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