Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Pimple Emergency

Mr. Hoser dials up the pharmacy.

"You have a refill on my son's Benzoyl Peroxide Cream?! Huh? Do you?!"

There's a brief pause while I pull up the info on the computer. I know who is calling even though he never said who he was. "No, he's out of refills on his Benzoyl Peroxide GEL."

"Do you have it? Do I have to wait? You guys never have things when I need it. Can you call the doctor? Or is it faster if I call the doctor? Huh?"

"If you call the doctor it will go faster. We have the GEL in stock. That's what he had before."



Mr. Hoser's doctor dials up the pharmacy.

"I want to authorize a refill on Larry Hoser's Benzoyl Peroxide Cream plus three refills."

"Larry had the GEL before. That's what we have in stock."

"Ok, then we authorize a refill on the GEL."

<click> Does no one say "goodbye" anymore?


Mr. Hoser dials up the pharmacy.

"Did the doctor call? Did he? Can I come get my son's cream? Can I? Huh?"

"Yes, the doctor called. It's FILLED and READY to pick up. Come get your son's GEL..."



Mr. Hoser is at the window. "I'm here for my son's cream!"

I can't help myself. "Pimple emergency?" I ask.

"Larry has a lot of anxiety..."

Mr. Hoser's cell phone rings. He answers it, "What the HELL do you want? I told you I'd call you back when I'm damn good and ready. Now F--- off!" <click>

I'm beginning to see where Larry gets his anxiety.

I hand Larry's prescription to Mr. Hoser. There is no co-pay. You might have already guessed, THE TAXPAYERS PAY FOR IT. It's Medicaid.

Mr. Hoser rushes off. That must be one whopper of a pimple.

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Anonymous said...

Wanna bet he's using a free government-given cell phone too?