Saturday, June 15, 2013

I like try ONE FREE SODA

Want a free soda? Well, you can build a SODA-STEALING-ROBOT and take five minutes to get it like this guy:

...or you could just use a TAPE MEASURE like this guy:

DISCLAIMER: These videos are for entertainment purposes only. The Crazy RxMan does NOT endorse stealing or breaking the law to obtain free sodas. The company I work for is slowly stealing my soul but that's another matter entirely and we're not talking about that. Sure it's ok for a major corporation to work pharmacists to death without proper technician coverage and act like we're the ones not on board with their agenda but this in no way suggests that people of good moral fiber try to steal sodas. Just say no. Don't do it. Don't build a robot to steal soda. Don't use a tape measure to steal soda. Don't shake the machine violently until they all fall out. It's just not right.

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