Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Complicated Vitamins

Now you spray them into
your IV after breakfast!

Thanks to @heidifry21 on Twitter for sending this to me.


Unknown said...

NObody raised the WTF flag?
Oh my aching butt!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure we didn't have this goofy-ass shit when docs were handwriting prescriptions. Although some of their writing was very hard to read, so maybe they were high and hallucinating back then too. I hope you just entered that as issued and told the patient to call the office if they had any questions.

was1 said...

hencewhy they call it B-COMPLEX

Anonymous said...

Handwritten Rxs are a relics as they should be.E scripts are not perfect but there is way less chance for error.Also with an e script at least the MD has a record of the RX.There are some MDs who write the RX and are so lazy the do not even put it on the patients chart,
Also get rid of the ou os bid tid prn bullshit.I never understood the point.This increases the chance for error.Put the Rx in simple English.