Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Expired Medication is NOT ok

Olga called. She's 90+ years old.

She wanted to know if it is ok if she used some expired medication. I asked her what it was and how long it's been expired.

"It says here that it expired in 2012. It's a bottle of Cyanocobalamin." [She spelled it for me, in case you really thought someone outside of the pharmacy world can really say that word.]

"No, you can't use that. I'm sorry. I'll get you a new prescription. It's not expensive."

"What if I inject it? What could go wrong?"

"It's too old, Olga. It could be loaded with bad bacteria. I'll get you a new prescription and you can have it on the house, ok?"

"Well, all right. I still think I should be able to use this one."


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Anonymous said...

If you're in canada honey, go ahead because it,like a thousand other meds are all on backorder