Monday, March 17, 2014

New Impatient Patient Tactic

"This lady in front of me has been waiting a LONG time, you know!"

That's what he said.

He being a guy who was third in line. The lady at the register needed extra help because she's frail and confused and needed some extra counseling about her medication. Yes, I should have asked her to step aside so the next person in line could check out, but I didn't see the point of that because I was alone in the pharmacy at the moment and the next person in line would have just been waiting while I took the first lady aside and continued counseling.

The look on the face of the next lady in line was complete embarrassment. She was made out by the guy behind her to look like she was impatient and had to wait a long time. Neither was true. What was true was that the third guy in line was seriously impatient.

I was brought up to wait my turn. I was brought up to be patient while waiting my turn. The thought of acting like an idiot and embarrassing the next person in line to try and get faster service would never, ever occur to me.

But it's a different world now. 

And yes, you may have already surmised where I'm going with this. The third guy in line is a Medicaid patient that gets his medications at no cost, funded by Joe Q. Taxpayer. It's not enough that we pay for his medication. Oh no, it must also be filled and prepared within HIS time frame and waiting a few minutes longer to get it is completely unreasonable... so much so that he made his outburst.

I walked over to where the man was standing and said, "I'll be with you in a minute." (I felt like telling him about the latest issue of Tattoo magazine he could look at, but I let it go).

I went back to the frail lady and asked her to join me in the counseling room. After I finished, I stepped out to find the technician was back and checking people out at the counter. I asked her if Mr. Medicaid said anything to her. She said when she came up to the register only the lady was there waiting. Mr. Medicaid was so impatient that he just couldn't wait any longer and left. I figure a transfer is imminent and that's just fine with me.

I know I'm starting to sound like a nag, but we really are in trouble in this country. Many of you are just fine with YOUR income taken away to fund people's medication, healthcare, food stamps, housing, whatever. I don't mind helping people out, but when they're impatient or take advantage of the system, that's where I draw the line, and it's happening more and more.

Wake up, America. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Some wise person said "The more I deal with people the better I like my cat." People are just rude.

pharmaciststeve said...

Our pharmacy system is so desperate to get every nickel that is running around that we have tried to please everyone.. instead of educating pts as to what to expect from our system.. we have allowed them to set up their own expectation and if we fail.. management gives them a gift card to reenforce that their expectations are the correct ones. As long as continue to fail to educate the pts as to what to expect.. many of the pts will act like idiots..

Jono said...

If we were all on equal footing it might help, but that seems to be less and less likely as time goes on. Rudeness seems to be a growing way of being and patience is the first virtue to disappear.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday while I was waiting to pick up a prescription, this guy came over to the 'pick up' window to drop off his prescriptions then just stood there for about 40 minutes talking very loudly on his cell phone while I waited in line behind him to pick up....I was getting pissed at that guy and the pharmacy people for not asking him to move to help serve the other people in line.... I'm usually very patient, but it's not fair that I dropped off my script and came back hours later and had to wait behind some guy who felt he had to talk very loudly on his phone and stand there and stare at that pharmacist while me and other people had to stand there and listen for freakin 40 minutes (and yes, I kept looking at the time as I was tired from working all day and really wanted to go home)...that makes me lose my patience....but mostly at the guy standing there, and I cant stand loud phone talkers lol. But I kept my cool and didn't say anything....but I swear...another couple of minutes and I was about to start throwing the OTC pill bottles on the shelf by me at his head lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fairly unwell person with multiple disabilities. That means a ton of medication.

I wait until I know it's ready, then I go in and carry a goddamn book to occupy my time if there's a problem, even if I have a cab waiting to drive me back.

I do think the pharmacists love it that there's no cell service in the store, it gets blocked by the building.