Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm not impressed

I've been to a national computer fix-it company now, oh let's see... some five or six times for various family computers. This company bills itself as doing the following:

Count on ________ to get your computer running like its old self with our award-winning comprehensive Windows computer repair service and Mac computer repair service that includes:

Spyware & Adware Removal
Virus & Worm Removal
Identity-Stealing Trojan Removal
Registry Cleanup for Faster Boot-up Times
De-Fragmentation of Your Hard Drive for Quicker access
Clear Out Excess Temporary Files from Internet Surfing
Clean Out Dust and Grime Buildup
Test All Hardware Devices (CD-ROM, Sound, etc.)
Update Windows with the latest Security patches
Update Your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and other security programs
Explain How to Keep Your System Maintained
Explain How to Avoid Re-infecting Your Computer

Over the years with our various family computers we have picked up computer viruses, spyware, trojans, etc.

And every time I've been to this company, they charge me to do an evaluation THEN tell me:

"I'm sorry. The only thing we can do is reinstall Windows."

Every single time. No spyware removal. No virus removal. No trojan removal. No. Just a Windows reinstall. I can do that myself, thank you.

Phooey. Just tell people UP FRONT all you do is reinstall Windows and be done with it. Quit giving people hope that you're actually going to fix the problem.

Buyer beware...

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technorantia said...

Sometimes viruses leave enough of a train of destruction that you honestly wouldn't want to keep the wreckage even if you successfully removed the infection.

That said, if the company says they do removal, then I'd be telling them that you're happy to pay for removal, but if they can't do it then you're not paying for something you can do yourself.