Friday, March 7, 2014

GADGET FRIDAY: GoogleX watches your Glucose

The statistics are staggering, The International Diabetes Federation estimates that at least 382 million people worldwide are living with diabetes right now, and unfortunately, that number is likely to increase to around 592 million sometime in the next 20 years. Thats a lot of blood sugar monitoring, which involves painful and time consuming finger sticks…

Now GoogleX developers (think driverless cars and Google Glass) just announced on January 16, 2014,  a new product with the goal of allowing diabetics to continually check their glucose levels using a novel, non-intrusive method, the Google Contact Lens.

The contact lens uses a tiny processing chip and a specialized glucose sensor, in conjunction with an antenna that is actually thinner than a human hair. When this contact is worn, the sensor detects glucose levels in the wearer’s tears, taking readings once per second, with the transmitter sending these readings to an external device. Imagine, constant feedback on your glucose levels, no pokes required.



clutch said...

Very cool. If it could transmit to a insulin pump patients could maintain very tight control.

clutch said...

Very cool. If it would transmit to a insulin pump patients could maintain tight control.