Thursday, March 13, 2014

Texting while at the Pharmacy

A new problem is afoot in the Pharmacy...


It's happening more and more. People slide their card for payment, stop to finish a text or read a text, then go back to entering in a PIN or finishing the transaction.

Let's see... you weren't happy with the 15 minutes it took to fill your prescription... you know, we entered in all the information, billed your insurance, filled the med, checked it with your med profile, made sure we put the right medication in the bottle, made sure it's the proper dose and regimen, made sure all is right with world in just a few minutes... and finally you're ready to check out but you're delaying us to finish a stupid text message?

WTF is wrong with you? Seriously?! Your stupid text can't wait 30 seconds until you're finished with the transaction so I can get back to the other ten people in line? You complete self-centered piece of manure!

Honestly, we need to eliminate this cell phone rudeness. I propose that pharmacists be given special powers to grab cell phones and smash them without hesitation.

Really! I've had enough.


Jim said...

Good idea! Can we also be allowed to run over pedestrians as they amble across in front of you totally oblivious?

pharmaciststeve said...

You know that they do make cell phone signal blockers.. very short range !

Anonymous said...

Same goes for talking on the phone while checking out! My biggest pet peeve!

Pharmacy Gal said...

Too bad cell phone jammers are illegal.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me this special power will be available to all technicians too. A few customers are lucky they haven't had their cell phones shoved up their a$$. There is no excuse for such rudeness.