Monday, March 10, 2014

Personal Observation: Transfers

Transfers are annoying. I hate transfers. Add "gift card for transfer" to the equation and now I'm on fire with hate and loathing.

One thing I've noticed over the years. After doing literally thousands of transfers, my experience has been this: If I'm getting the transfer from a female pharmacist, I usually have to ask her to slow down or repeat something. They rattle it off like I'm some transfer savant. I'm not.

This problem rarely happens if the pharmacist is male unless it is some insanely busy pharmacy. The male pharmacists I've taken transfers from tend to give the information at a steady pace I can keep up with. It makes it a lot easier.

I don't know what it is... perhaps some genetic caveman thing. I don't know. Maybe men slow down because our male ancestors were the hunters and we had to communicate hunting strategy to each other in effective and meaningful ways. Maybe females just talk more, or maybe female pharmacists are just smarter than male pharmacists because, you know, we're men. We don't get words.

I don't know. It's just my observation. 

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Mrs_R said...

I don't think this is exclusive to pharmacy. As someone who has received and has to process a bit of voice mail, I notice the same thing - women speaking at the speed of light, increasing their pace when it comes to the return phone number, to the point where you have to listen to the message 2-3 times so you can understand it. Good grief - take a few extra seconds to slow down and speak clearly!