Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Managers Meet with The Authorities

Recently the managers from our state's Goofmart Pharmacies flocked into the local corporate office to meet with Heir Director and his crew of RPMs. They do this twice a year. This is where vital information is doled out piecemeal and some sort of brainwashing techniques are used to drive home the importance of MTM, flu shots, and reducing inventory.

The managers don't get paid for this time. Rather, they slice it off the overlap time in the pharmacy, thereby making the overlap shift harder for the staff pharmacists. They do get a lunch. I think this is where the brainwashing drugs are administered.

At this particular manager meeting they had a question/answer period. Questions were written on slips of paper and handed up to the front.

My favorite question of the day: 

"How do we resign from this company?"

The Authorities didn't have an answer ready. Instead, days later they emailed out a form you can use to resign. I think they missed the message behind the question and I'm not surprised.

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