Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fun Notes from the Floater!

Mickey my pharmacy partner took a few days off. The stress of giving in to everyone for anything they want was just too much. So a floater took over for him last night...

On the counter for me, this morning, I found the following handwritten note:

Patient said we have been filling 60 day supplies since November of last year for this Spiriva medication but only giving her a 30 day supply. She called Medicare part D and she's filing fraud against us. She would like to speak with you immediately about it and give her a free Spiriva or else she's suing us.

That makes for a fun day!


Jono said...

Considering that the two most common ways of conflict resolution are lawsuits or shootings I think you'll be okay.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess..... Dr wrote for 60 day supply, insurance allows only 30 per fill OR has been using it twice per day instead of the correct once per day. Or just trying to score free Spiriva.