Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I know I'm early, but...

30 minutes before closing on Wednesday night... the phone rings...

"Yes, I want to know when my Carisoopradle prescription will go through..."

He's trying to say the generic name for Soma. How cute. 

He gives me the Rx number. I put it in. The magic of insurance tells me they will pay for the refill on his 30 day supply of Soma on day 22, which is TOMORROW.

"I can fill it tomorrow," I tell him as I'm looking in our calendar file... then I see it... "I also see that we have this already scheduled for tomorrow. You've called about this already."

"I'm just making sure," he says. "What time do you open?"

I tell him when we open.

"So you'll have it ready then?"


"Why not?"

"There are many tasks involved in opening the pharmacy . I'll have your medication ready at 30 minutes past the hour."

"Well I have to have it before then. I need to be somewhere at 30 minutes past the hour. You can't give me three tablets right when you open?"


"Ok, I'll see you at 30 minutes past."

So much for the appointment. Priorities are priorities.

10 minutes after opening on Thursday morning...

"Hi, I'm Mr. Somalicious. I know I'm early, but is my Soma ready?"

"No. We talked about this last night."

"You can't give me three tablets right now? I have to be somewhere in an hour."


Funny how the stories change, isn't it?

Mr. Somalicious wanders off, dejected that he has to wait another whole twenty minutes. 

Final Score: Pharmacist 1, Soma Addict: 0


Anonymous said...

You're too generous. I'd make him wait until day 27. I get the "my insurance says it will go thru tomorrow" all the time, but I still make them wait. And if they pull the, "I'm going out of town" baloney, I'll kindly suggest that they've gotten the rx 3 days early for the last x months and in theory should have plenty of medication left. Naturally, they are out, but not my problem

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing as Anonymous above. I don't really care when insurance will pay for it; if it's early, it's early. I've been called all manner of nasty things for it too.

iratecanadianpharmacist said...

You're evidently just pretending to move the mouse and type on the keyboard, just to punish the innocent customers some more of course

Anonymous said...

I love the the comments above!

Anonymous said...

I love the two comments above!

Anonymous said...

We keep ALL controls at an absolute 30 days regardless of when the insurance will pay for it. Anyone calls and asks for early refill, answer is tough shit. You know our policy. Live with it. Makes my life much easier.